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Android N Lets You Add Personal Emergency Info to Your Lock Screen

Android N is turning out to be another of those change-filled updates that is equipped with all sorts of little goodies that we are discovering as the day wears on. One of those is the new Emergency Info screen under “Users,” which lets you put in all sorts of information that could be used by someone, should there be an emergency involving you.  (This info can also be entered upon phone setup.)

To access the new Emergency Info screen, you’ll find a shortcut to it by accessing the “Users” section in your phone or tablet’s main settings menu. Once you tap on it, you’ll be taken to a form that allows you to specify name, address, date of birth, blood type, any known allergies you may have, what medications you are on, medical conditions someone should know about, and if you are an organ donor. You can also specify emergency contacts that someone could call from the emergency calls screen. 

android n emegency info-3 android n emegency info android n emegency info-2

This panel only reveals itself should you have a secure lock screen, which makes sense, since then someone couldn’t just open up your phone to find out info about you. But if you do have a secure lock in place and you access the emergency dialer, you’ll see a panel at the top that can be tapped twice to show your emergency info. Below, you can see how it shows and what the call screen looks like if you try and call a contact.

android n emegency info-5 android n emegency info-6 android n emegency info-7

Talk about an extremely helpful addition to Android. I was actually recently thinking about this subject for some reason and couldn’t figure out a way that should something happen to me, if anyone would be able to get into my phone to contact my wife or brother. With this added to Android N, that certainly solves that problem. Here’s to hoping none of us ever needs someone to use it.

Cheers Sean!

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Deal: Buy a Pixel C Tablet for 25% Off, If You’re a Developer

To celebrate the launch of the Android N Developer Preview, Google is offering developers (or anyone willing to try, basically), the chance to buy a Pixel C tablet for 25% off its list price. If you apply 25% off to the cheapest model of the Pixel C, your price will be $375. To claim this offer, all you need to do is provide your email address to Google, then they will email you a unique promo code to use on the Google Store. 

According to Google, this deal will only last as long as supplies last, so if you are interested, you best hurry. And if you are not a developer, hey, what’s the worst that could happen? They don’t give you a code? No big deal.

Hit the link below to enter in your email for a chance to get a code.

Developer Discount Link

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Download: Android N Wallpaper

Want the Android N wallpaper that you keep seeing all over our devices today? Well, we have it for you below in its full 2880×2560 resolution. Yep, it’s a big one. It’s also the only new one, so don’t worry about finding the rest – this is it.



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Android N: A Quick Video Tour (Part 2)

Earlier today, we took a quick tour of the new Android N Developer Preview, showing you how Google’s take on Multi Window works, along with a brief overview of the new notifications, quick settings shade, and settings menu. It was really a video made to focus on the big upfront changes in Android N, so now we’re focusing on some of the smaller, less obvious items.

In this part 2 video, we take a look at what’s new in the hidden System UI Tuner (Night Mode, DND toggles, etc.), show a quick method for accessing Multi Window, discover Data Saver, and some new accessibility features, like Display Size adjustments.

To catch the tour one, head over to this post

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Google Intros Chrome Music Lab, Musical Fun for Everyone

Google introduced the Chrome Music Lab this week, allowing anyone with access to the web via mobile device or desktop computer to play with music. With it, users (with an emphasis on younger folk) can physically engage themselves with music, turning drawn pictures into music, playing with voice pitch adjusters, and much more. 

When you access the webpage Google published, you will see a variety of experiments to try out. A few of them require permissions to be granted, such as one for the microphone on your device, but when granted, you can start making music. Personally, after having a go with it, I quite enjoy the Kadinsky experiment, which is the drawing exercise. The best way to explain it is, draw different shapes, and let Chrome turn it into sweet tunes.

Other experiments cover arpeggios, a spectrogram (to see what music looks like), and a brief workshop on chords. Again, everything is sort of brightly colored and happy, so this might be something kids would greatly enjoy. I should note, the Music Lab works fine on desktop computers, but I think the best experience is on mobile devices.

Wanna give it a shot? Click this link from your mobile device to get started.

Via: Chrome

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Google’s Android Head Talks Android N, Hints at Possible Name?

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s head of all things Android, took to Medium to discuss the company’s launch of the Android N Developer Preview. Detailing that this preview has been made available early so Google could take in as much feedback as possible before handing it over to OEMs, enrolling in and installing the beta process has never been more easy. Since we have already gone over quite a few things regarding Android N, we wanted to point out something in particular that Hiroshi writes at the end of his post.

The last sentence, Hiroshi writes, “So, the burning question that’s on everyone’s mind: what will the N release be named? We’re nut tellin’ you yet.” He placed a green highlight on “We’re nut tellin’ you yet.” If you say “nut tellin'” quickly enough, you almost make out the word Nutella, the name of a delicious hazelnut chocolate spread.

Is this Hiroshi’s way of hinting that Android N will be Android Nutella? Or is he just having a bit of trolling fun with the Android community? 

Share your thoughts below, and feel free to provide your best guess as to what Google might name Android N.

Via: Medium

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Android Beta Program Now Open, Sign-Up for Android N!

The Android Beta Program is now open!

As a part of the release of the first Android N Developer Preview, Google is also kicking off a beta program that gives you over-the-air (OTA) access to these preview builds. This is a way for developers (or Android nerds who just love new versions of Android) to get the newest builds without having to flash factory images. As new versions of these preview builds rollout, you should be the first in line to receive them over-the-air, assuming you have registered.

We should point out that after registering our devices, the OTA to Android N appeared on all of our registered devices almost immediately. So if you have yet to flash a factory image to N, stop now and just sign-up for the beta. You’ll get notified right away.

Android Beta Program Link

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Android N: A Quick Video Tour (Part 1)

So yeah, Android N is now official and available as a first developer preview for all of you to take for a spin if you live life on the wild side. You’ll find the factory images for it here, along with a pretty detailed look at the major changes here. Still not ready to go there? That’s OK too, because we have a 2-part video series on the way to show you what’s new and if you should even consider putting this on your devices.

In this first part, we take a look at the biggest upfront changes, like how the new notifications look and are handled. We also dive into the new quick settings shade, show you the new and improved settings menu, and of course, take Multi Window for an official spin.

Let us know what you think about Android N! 

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Here’s Everything New in Android N Developer Preview

The Android N Developer Preview is available for flashing, but before you dive into it head first, let’s take a look at everything Google has included and changed. You may have already seen a few of the big things, like native Multi-Window support and Notification enhancements, but inside of the Android N code, Google has included many new APIs for developers to get dirty with, updates for the Doze feature, and so much more.

There are a ton of changes, so without droning on too much, let’s get to it.

Here is everything new in the Android N Developer Preview. 

Multi-Window Support

Beginning with Android N, Google’s OS will natively support Multi-Window, the ability for apps to displayed in a split-screen environment. On the developer side, implementing this change is incredibly easy. On the user side, the benefits can be felt greatly. Much like you see on Samsung devices, users can have multiple applications open simultaneously (side-by-side or one-above-the-other), allowing for better productivity. For example, Google Maps can be open on one side and Gmail on the other.

The feature will be usable on both Android tablets and smartphones. For Android TV users, Google details, “activities can also go into picture-in-picture mode on devices like TVs, and is a great feature for apps that play video; be sure to set ‘android:supportsPictureInPicture’ to true to take advantage of this.”

Android N 4

Notification Enhancements

Google is reworking the Android notification system to put emphasis on a hero image and avatar. This means that whenever a notification is accompanied with an image, such as a profile picture, you will be able to tell who it is very easily. On top of that, Android N intros Bundled Notifications, much like wee see with Android Wear. Allowing the system to group messages together, it provides a cleaner more readable experience for users.

For real-time communication apps, the Android system will now support inline replies, allowing for quicker responses whenever you receive a message. This change has already been somewhat implemented into Hangouts, but instead of a popup window for replying, the reply will be done via the notification shade itself. See the middle and right image below for an example of what this looks like.

Android N

Doze On The Go…

Introduced in Android 6.0, Doze essentially kills the ability for apps to access CPU and network activity when a device is idle. With Android N, Google is taking Doze one step further, providing a similar set of restrictions for when the device is in your pocket or sitting on your desk and unplugged. Adding this feature for Doze should increase the life of your device throughout your normal daily routine.

According to Google, a short time after the screen turns off while the device is on battery, Doze restricts network access and defers jobs and syncs. Once a user awakes the device or plugs it into a charger, Doze is turned off. For developers, enhancing their apps to better suit Doze seems easy enough, but for detailed developer information, see here.

Enhanced Quick Settings Tiles

Google is bringing changes to the Quick Settings tiles, providing more space and making them easier to customize. On Android N, a paginated view is included, allowing users to have many more settings available on a whim as ever before. For users who wish to customize the placement of the tiles, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping a tile where you want it to go.

For developers, they can even create special shortcuts to appear as a quick settings tile, but Google stresses that these tiles should not just be a shortcut to launching an application. Google writes, “Quick Settings tiles are reserved for controls or actions that are either urgently required or frequently used, and should not be used as shortcuts to launching an app.”


Data Saver

For anyone on a limited data plan, Data Saver might be a tool in Android N you find yourself using often. The idea is straightforward enough – when you are running low on mobile data, flip it on, and it limits the amount of data any app uses at a system level. When enabled, Data Saver signals apps to use less data in the foreground wherever possible, whether that is by limiting bit rate for streaming, reducing image quality, and deferring optimistic precaching.

Under the Data Saver option in Settings, users will specify which apps they want limited, such as Facebook, Instagram, or any other data-hungry applications.


Android TV Recording

In Android N, the ability to record and playback content from Android TV input services via new recording APIs for developers has been added. Google details, “Building on top of existing time-shifting APIs, TV input services can control what channel data can be recorded, how recorded sessions are saved, and manage user interaction with recorded content.”

Much More

  • Accessibility enhancements – Android N now offers Vision Settings directly on the Welcome screen for new device setup. This makes it much easier for users to discover and configure accessibility features on their devices, including magnification gesture, font size, display size, and TalkBack.
  • Number-blocking – Android N now supports number-blocking in the platform and provides a framework API to let service providers maintain a blocked-number list. The default SMS app, the default phone app, and provider apps can read from and write to the blocked-number list. The list is not accessible to other apps.
  • Call Screening – Android N allows the default phone app to screen incoming calls. Three options will appear to users on Android N; Reject the incoming call, Do not allow the call to the call log, Do not show the user a notification for the call.
  • Direct Boot – Direct boot improves device startup times and lets registered apps have limited functionality even after an unexpected reboot. For example, if an encrypted device reboots while the user is sleeping, registered alarms, messages and incoming calls can now continue notify the user as normal. This also means accessibility services can also be available immediately after a restart.
  • Project Svelte Background Optimizations – Project Svelte is an ongoing effort to minimize RAM use by system and apps across the range of Android devices in the ecosystem. In Android N, Project Svelte is focused on optimizing the way apps run in the background.

For Google’s complete rundown of everything new in Android N, follow the link below.

EDIT:  Here is our quick video tour of some of the big changes.

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Download: Android N Developer Preview Factory Images (1st Preview)

As you now know, Google surprised the hell out of us this morning with the announcement of the Android N Developer Preview.  We are still two months from Google I/O, but Google is clearly ready for developers to start diving into this latest build of Android.

Because we know that so many of you are going to flash this, even if it is a developer preview that no one recommends you flash to a daily device, we thought we’d give you the tools to do so. Below, you’ll find the link to the factory images for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus 9 LTE, Nexus Player, and Pixel C, along with instructions on how to flash them.

Good luck! 

Instructions for flashing factory images found here.

EDIT:  Here is our quick video tour of some of the big changes.

Via:  Android

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Android N Developer Preview Available Today, Months Ahead of Google I/O

Straight out of left field, Google announced that it will make the Android N Developer Preview available to the public this morning, shattering any previous notion we had that it would be released at this year’s Google I/O in May. The Android N Developer Preview is available for a wide range of devices, and unlike previous years, it appears Google is even offering an OTA update for the build to those possibly uncomfortable flashing the images via a few command lines. 

Detailed by Arstechnica, major changes are in store for Android N’s public release. As shown in screenshots provided by Google, native multi-window support is official for both smartphones and tablets. Accessing the feature is not quite clear, but once Android N is up and running, the route to enabling it will likely be discovered. Additionally, it appears previous leaks were spot on, with system toggles being moved directly above notifications. To access all system toggles, tap on the arrow in the top right.

Android N 2 Android N 1

Behind the scenes, Google did plenty of tweaking to the software, including enhancements for the Doze feature, enabling it to run not only when the device is stationary for long periods of time, but whenever the display is turned off. We assume Doze will not be as aggressive in terms of shutting off connectivity during these periods, but again, we will need a bit of hands-on time to see it in action. Google also tweaked Project Svelte, allowing the Android OS to run smoothly on lower specced devices.

You can expect we will be flashing and detailing any and all changes on our own devices here shortly.

As for compatible devices, the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Pixel C, Nexus Player, and General Mobile 4G (Android One device) can take part in the preview. Google stresses that these builds, as always, are not meant to be daily driver material. They are barebones, stripped of many features that you might need throughout a day. With that said, it is best to flash these images to a secondary device you might have, or leave them alone entirely. But hey, I’m not stopping you.

Download: OTA Sign-up | Android N Images

Via: GoogleArstechnica (unpublished)

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T-Mobile Offering Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge BOGO Promo

For those interested, T-Mobile is offering a BOGO (buy one, get one) deal on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. For a limited time, and when you meet all of the requirements, you can purchase either of Samsung’s latest devices, then receive a prepaid MasterCard card holding the amount of a second device straight from T-Mobile. 

The requirements are pretty straightforward. Basically, the second device you purchase will need to be activated on a new line under the same account as the first. Additionally, both devices will need to be purchased under a Equipment Installment Plan (EIP). At the time of purchase, all taxes and fees will need to be paid for both devices. In order to receive the credit, both lines must be kept in good standing, meaning you should make sure your bill is paid in a timely manner, including the EIP.

Within 30 days of purchasing the second device, submit your rebate redemption at http://ift.tt/1pMDuco. Within 8 weeks of submission, you will receive your rebate as a prepaid MasterCard card in the mail. That money can then be used to pay off the second device. As you can see, the device is by no means completely free, and a few payments will need to be made.

To get started, follow the link below, or head into your local T-Mobile retail location.

T-Mobile Link

Via: T-Mobile

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Google Wants You to Book Vacations From Your Phone With Destinations on Google

Because Google is seeing an increase in vacation-related searches from mobile devices these days and also wants to help you kill time while standing in line at the coffee shop, they created a new tool called Destinations on Google, that is a one-stop vacation planner. A simple search for a location (continent, country, or state) ending in “destination” or “vacation” takes you into a mobile-friendly vacation browsing experience.

Destinations uses a mix of Google Flights and the now defunct Hotel Search to help you find flight and hotel prices “instantly.” Google says that this should eliminate the need to open multiple tabs and may even let you just sit back and scroll through the options. 

You can customize your vacation searches by style, with keywords attached, like “spain surfing” or “colorado skiing.” Google will take that info and try to suggest spots that better fit you dream vacation. You can also browse flexibly or by weather through “Flexible Dates” and “Explore” filters and tabs. Finally, once you have decided on a trip, Google will show you pricing for the next six months, so you hit that budget.

So yeah, it’s time do a search for “oregon beer vacation” and come join me for a pint.

Via:  Google Blog

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